Center for Educational Opportunity Programs

Project Based Learning

For this challenge, answer one (or more!) of each of the following questions and create a digital vision board for each question you answer. You can use any program of your choosing to create the vision board.
When finished, email your answered question(s) and vision board(s) to

1. Why did COVID-19 have a negative effect on our economy?

2. How will this crisis effect the cost of college and my ability to pay?

Financial Literacy Activities

1. Claim Your Future

In this online game you will choose a career and navigate through different spending choices to create a monthly budget.  As a new player, you will need to take a short one time survey to be assigned your player ID.  Please write this ID down somewhere so you will not forget it and can play this game again in the future.  

  1. While playing the game, in your own notes please answer the following questions:
  2. What career did you choose?
  3. What level of education do you need for this career?
  4. What is your annual income and monthly income?
  5. What were your remaining funds at the end of the month? (I hope it wasn't zero or a negative amount!)

Please email the answers to these questions along with a PDF copy of your monthly budget to

2. Money Fit

Visit and complete the activity.

You can put our email in at the beginning ( or forward your results to us once they are emailed to you.


For each Financial Literacy question you answer or activity you complete, will be eligible for: