Center for Educational Opportunity Programs

GEAR UP is showing love for our high school teachers by offering free virtual professional development. Teachers can participate by choosing one of ten books to read and join in a one-time discussion of the chosen book with other teachers from other high schools. Sign up today:

Mastery Prep - Professional Development Webinar Portal

Access KU GEAR UP’s private meeting room and media channel for educators here. Use your supplied login credentials to join live meetings and view recordings of past events.

Mastery Prep - Professional Development | Decoding the ACT Series

Decoding the ACT: the professional development that educators love. Every school needs at least one ACT expert. At your school, every teacher can be. This online training series will occur in 5 parts. It is recommended you attend the first session and the following relevant session to your subject area. (Dates TBD)  

  • DTA Basics and Introduction
  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
Mastery Prep - Professional Development | MasteryPrep Product Trainings 

Ongoing virtual workshops that focus on utilizing MasteryPrep’s products to help students achieve maximum score gains will follow the Decoding the ACT series. Each session will dive into a specific product in great detail. (Dates TBD)  

  • ACT Mastery
  • ACT Elements (Bell Ringers)
  • TruScore Online + Study Hall
  • SNAP 
TruScore Online + Study Hall & ACT Mastery Teacher Resources

Access your TruScore + Study Hall admin accounts here with your supplied credentials. TruScore testing provides deep, actionable insights into ACT performance online and on-demand. No-hassle. Up to 9 practice tests, plus Study Hall for adaptive prep.

ACT Mastery is the first and only mastery-based ACT prep curriculum. Fits any schedule with zero teacher prep time. ACT Mastery Teacher Resources (digital copies of texts, entrance and exit tickets, and power point slides) are also available on this same platform.

ACT Bell Ringers & Decoding the ACT On Demand

Access your ACT Bell Ringers and your asynchronous Decoding the ACT On Demand course here with your supplied credentials. ACT Bell Ringers are classroom warm-up exercises for your smartboard. Students will experience authentic, daily reinforcement of ACT essential skills. Decoding the ACT On Demand is a course you can complete on your own time through this platform to help master the skills needed to be an ACT expert.

Paradigm Shift - Change Management Professional Development Course

KU GEAR UP has partnered with Paradigm Shift to provide a course on dealing with Change Management. To get the links to the video, PowerPoints, and worksheet please email l292w551@ku.eduParticipation is free!

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is Offering 100 Days of Free Webinars

Join NCTM as we celebrate our Centennial with 100 Days of Professional Learning with live 60-minute webinars presented by selected speakers from the NCTM Centennial Annual Meeting & Exposition program that was to take place in Chicago.

Each webinar will be held at 7 p.m. Eastern time on 100 selected days from April 1 leading up to the October NCTM 2020 Annual Meeting & Exposition in St. Louis. A variety of speakers and topics are geared to meet all grade bands and interests. Webinars will be recorded and made available at up to the St. Louis Annual Meeting. For a free trial membership visit