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Online Programming

Students in graduating classes of 2023 and 2024 who attend a school in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools can participate in the below activities to be eligible for GEAR UP incentives.


  • College Tours

    Did you know you can go on a college visit without leaving your house?

  • Career Exploration

    Career in STEM offers the opportunity to learn about a variety of careers with engaging information from experts in various STEM fields.

  • Financial Literacy

    Learn how to save money, manage budgets, apply for scholarships and other financial skills that will support your journey

  • Cultural Experiences

    Explore all types of cultures around the world.


    Experiment with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in different activities and career fields.

  • ACT Preparation

    Let us help you prepare for the ACT by watching videos and practicing skills on our Mastery Prep platform.